$19.95/ Month
  • 48 hour service response time (there will be an awarded service call within 48 hours from the time appointment was scheduled.)
  • Discounted dispatch fee (you will only pay a $29.00 service fee and service fee will be waived if repair is performed at the time of the service call) under normal service call business hours only.
  • 15% discount on all repairs NOTE: must be a member & remain a member for 5 consecutive month in order to receive instant savings on today’s repairs and as long as there is no lapse in coverage.
  • Priority service-members will receive priority service/scheduling.
  • Water heater flush and burner cleaning as needed
  • Inspect water heater and all associated piping
  • Inspect water regulator and check for proper water pressure
  • Water quality testing
  • Inspect under sink drains, water lines, and angle stops
  • Inspect internal toilet componence for leaks and general condition
  • Clean kitchen, laundry, and shower drains from top only
  • Camera sewer inspection
  • Full attic or crawl space plumbing inspection
  • Inspect and test gas earthquake valves
  • Check tub plumbing from access only
  • Extra Drains $2.00/Drain

Service Call Business Hours M-F 8 AM to 5 PM,
Sat. 8 AM to 12 PM, Closed on Sundays
NOTE: Plans become invalid if payment is not received.

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